Re: Minutes Sapporo F2F 2015-10-26 Part II: font-weight-adjust, Box Alignment, Dev Meetup in Sydney [css-fonts] [css-align]

On 11/19/2015 02:38 AM, Dael Jackson wrote:
> Box Alignment
> -------------
>    - RESOLVED: All layout modes use "true" alignment by default for
>                the alignment properties.
 > [...]
>    fantasai: So is everyone fine with the current switch syntax? Or
>              just have the "safe" keyword, and make unspecified be
>              "true"?
>    dbaron: We might eventually want to apply this to text-align,
>            which defaults to "safe".
>    szilles: I think it's better to have authors specify what they mean.
>    fantasai: Too late for that unfortunately - the properties already
>              allow it to be omitted in implementations.
>    fantasai: [discusses serialization]
>    fantasai: If you write "true center", it'll serialize back to just
>              "center", since omitted defaults to "true".
>    TabAtkins: So per dbaron's argument, I think it's fine to leave
>               "true" here. We don't need it yet, but it'll simplify
>               merging in more alignment properties later.

It's not clear to me what was decided about serialization.
Does the above mean that "true start" should serialize to "start" now?


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