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Re: [css-align] Should 'left'/'right' compute to 'start' also for 'align|justify-items'?

From: Daniel Holbert <dholbert@mozilla.com>
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 2015 16:58:09 -0800
To: www-style@w3.org
Message-ID: <564FC1A1.5030506@mozilla.com>
On 11/20/2015 03:44 PM, Mats Palmgren wrote:
> Daniel and I disagree about what the spec intends for
> align|justify-items:left/right, can someone please clarify?

I suspect mats is correct about the intent of the spec, but I'm not
sure, because the css-align spec contradicts itself. If it's not already
clear from Mats' email, the spec's self-contradiction is as follows:

FACTS (backed up by spec-quotes in mats' email that I'm responding to):
 (1) "left" and "right" are specced as computing to "start" in some
cases (depending on axes).

 (2) The spec text on "align-items" says auto computes to something
special, and other values have "no special handling". (This language is
vague*, but mats is interpreting this as saying that non-auto values
compute to themselves, which I think is reasonable.)

Per (1) here, {justify|align}-items:left may compute to "start" in some
Per (2) here, {justify|align}-items:left always compute to themselves.

Hence, contradiction.

This contradiction could be resolved in one direction by clarifying the
spec-text on "left" & "right", to be clearer that the computation
behavior only happens for certain properties. Or, it could be resolved
in the other direction by clarifying the sentence about "special
handling", to make it clear that it doesn't prevent left/right from
computing to other values.

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