Re: [css-content] Request for note regarding selection, search, and accessibility of generated content

> On 11 Nov 2015, at 17:51, Joanmarie Diggs <> wrote:
> If VoiceOver is skipping over text that you (and VoiceOver users) would
> expect to have presented when navigating, could you please open a bug
> against WebKit [1]?

Here are some relevant bugs:

1. Unable to select/copy/paste generated content:
2. Alt text for generated content:
3. Don’t fully understand, but you filed a bug in 2014 that is related:
4. And again in 2014, you filed a bug that generated content is not selectable:

And I filed a new one just to be safe, AX: VoiceOver cannot navigate generated content by character:

>>> In the case of line, is the line spoken the
>>> same as the line rendered? Or does VoiceOver, like at least some Windows
>>> screen readers, have its own definition of "line" (e.g.
>>> 125-characters-long slices of the text within the element)?
>> Not sure about its definition, but it doesn’t speak the whole line/sentence.
> Do you mean because of how its navigation works? (i.e. if you navigate
> enough, you get the entire line/sentence but in pieces) Or do you mean
> you cannot get at the generated content at all when navigating by
> line/sentence?

I can get to the line and it speaks everything (including generated content). I can also navigate by word, that way it also speaks the generated bits. If I try to navigate by character, it fails and only speaks characters of text that is not generated.

> If by "handy information" you mean content with meaning such as the
> phrase "Example 6" or "Issue 1", then isn't this document an example
> where handy information is put in generated content instead of in your
> HTML: ?


> Phrases such as "Example 6" and "Issue 1" are the sorts of things I'd
> like to be able to jump to quickly via my browsers' find in page
> feature, and be able to select, copy, and paste. But it's generated
> content, so….

I agree this text should be selectable and searchable. This is the equivalent of a button made out of a div that you can’t tab to.

> (BTW, does VoiceOver skip over those phrases when
> arrowing by character, word, and line?)
> Thanks for looking into this!

That’s what we’re here for!

> --joanie
> [1]


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