Wide Color Gamut and High Dynamic Range displays


It would be nice to be able to detect whether the display has the
capability of rendering Wide Color Gamut and High Dynamic Range video.

This is independent of codec support: in fact the video codec itself may be
unaware of the colorspace and dynamic range of the encoded video. It may
also be the case that the media pipeline in a device supports these things
but the presently connected display does not.

For WGC, the basic question is whether the display can interpret data coded
in the BT.2020 or DCI P3 colorspaces (I say "interpret" deliberately,
because I'm unaware of any displays that can render the full BT.2020 space

Would it make sense to add attributes for these properties to the CSS OM
View Module ? Other suggestions ? Questions ?

Thanks in advance,


Received on Wednesday, 28 January 2015 17:03:24 UTC