Re: [mediaqueries] New requirements for media queries from Second Screen WG

On Tue, Dec 1, 2015 at 1:31 AM, Hyojin Song <> wrote:
> There were a couple of concerns about media queries in Second Screen WG [1].
> The Second Screen WG provides a mechanism to request display of Web content on a second screen with Presentation API [2]. It enables authors to make multi-device applications, and it would consider how to display Web content according to device capabilities.
> 1. How could authors distinguish between several devices such as TV, projector for a responsive web?
> In the mediaqueries4 [3], media types is defined as a broad category of user-agent devices on which a document may be displayed. However, I noticed that it is expected that all of the media types will also be deprecated in time, as appropriate media features are defined which capture their important differences.

Yes.  In fact, all media types are deprecated already, expect
"screen", "print", and "speech", because we don't yet have sufficient
MQs to replace them.  Media types are bad because they're exclusive
and ill-defined, and attempt to capture a whole host of behaviors that
aren't actually exclusive to the "device types" they talk about.

> There are various use cases to display Web content differently according to device type. (e.g. media="projector"). What is the right place to refer it in Presentation API? Do we need additional works for an extension of media features to support this in CSS WG?

Identify what aspects of the device are relevant to your purposes and
different from other devices, and let us know so we can work together
to come up with new MQs that capture those aspects.

> 2. Is it possible to define a media query for a non-interactive display?
> I would like to see it would be possible to define a media query for a non-interactive display. Script could use it indirectly to enable input handlers for presentations that work with both interactive or non-interactive displays.
> For example, a regular projector, or a smart board with a stylus input. There is no need to support the input method in regular projector, if the smart board send Web content as part of multi-device app to the regular projector(or a digital signage) through Presentation API. They aren't connected with HDMI cable or mirroring tech. each other, even though it needs to understand the 2-UA mechanism in Presentation API [4].

The (pointer) MQ is close to this.  If the projector device doesn't
have any pointer capability (which feels likely for a
"non-interactive" secondary display), then (pointer:none) will match
it.  Is that sufficient?


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