Re: [css-variables] Can custom properties be reset with all?

On Sun, Nov 29, 2015 at 10:34 AM, Philip Walton <> wrote:
> So, the spec seem to be pretty clear about this:
>> Custom properties are not reset by the all property. We may define a
>> property in the future that resets all variables.
> The thing is, I've read comments by several people (including the spec
> editor) that specifically mention using `all: initial` for custom property
> resetting. For example, in this Github comment Tab says:
>> Sure we can...that's what `all: initial` is for. (Alternately, an
>> equivalent of all for just custom properties has been proposed; it would be
>> called --, as in --: initial.) You can then let particular custom properties
>> thru with --foo: inherit.
> In addition, Firefox, Chrome Canary, and Webkit Nightly all reset custom
> property definitions when using all.
> So I guess in addition to the question I posed in the subject line, is this
> a recent change?

Note: I'm sometimes dumb and forget my own specs.  The "'all' does not
reset custom properties" is an old dictate, and I forgot about it.

I should move up my plans for a -- property then, I guess.


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