Re: [mediaqueries] Use custom media queries in custom media query definitions?

> On 13 Apr 2015, at 04:14, Glen Huang <> wrote:
> The spec didn't say if this is possible:
> @custom-media --foo (width < 10em);
> @custom-media --bar (--foo);
> And what happens when there are circular references:
> @custom-media --foo (--foo);
> @custom-media --bar (--baz);
> @custom-media --baz (--bar);
> I hope reusing custom media queries is possible, and circular references evaluate to false.

I agree with you that the spec isn't very clear about this.

I almost agree with you. Rather than false, I think custom MQs
with circular references should not be defined at all. I've updated
the spec accordingly.

 - Florian

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