Re: New name for Predefined Counter Styles doc

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On 13/04/2015 13:56, Stefan Schumacher wrote:
>> i put in a tentative new title, but just to try it
>> ri
> Hi Richard,
> how about to point out in one sentence in the abstract or right after
> the first sentence at the beginning of the Introduction what counter
> styles are all about.
> Counter is kind of a universal word for everything. I am quite sure,
> nobody will try to find an answer, how to paint the counter in his shop.
> ...but maybe you understand what I mean.
> You could copy and paste from the counter spec:
> allows authors to define their own custom counter styles ***for use with
> CSS list-marker and generated-content counters***
> That stuff in the *** stars, for example, explains it quickly.
> Otherwise some people (like me) have to scroll down a lot to properly
> confirm for themselves what it is all about when they see this document
> for the first time. (I know most people will know what they are
> searching for, but one sentence for the small percentage of unknowing.)

done, in the intro.
thank you


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