[css-ui] Final review: small comments

Hi Tantek,

As we now have a resolution on all open issues, I though this would be
a good time to go through the spec again to make sure everything is
tight and ready for CR.

Here are a few minor things I've found:

1) The abstract still mentions selectors, even though there are not
longer any selectors in the spec

2) The list of features at risk includes
"outline-offset property negative values", but this would be better
listed as "constraints on outline-offset property negative values"
to match what the text actually says

3) Modules interactions lists what this spec supersedes. It should
now include one extra item:

 - Information on the stacking of outlines defined
   in CSS 2.1 Appendix E http://www.w3.org/TR/CSS21/zindex.html

4) We should now be able to remove
"Issue 1: 69 box-sizing insufficiently specified for replaced elements."

5) http://dev.w3.org/csswg/css-ui/#ellipsing-details states:
"Ellipsing occurs after relative positioning and other graphical transformations"
Given that ellipsis applies to inline text, and that transforms do not apply to
inlines, what do "other graphical transformations" refer to? Let's either clarify
or remove.

6) There a missing closing </p> tag after PARAGRAPH in example 6,
causing the sample rendering to be different from what the example
claims it will be.

7) The section on directional navigation has a note about welcoming
feedback about the behavior for otherwise non focusable elements.
Is the a WG or some other body that we could contact to request
feedback from? A note in a spec is not a very proactive request
for feedback.

I also have 5 more substantive comments which I will send in separate mails. Once we're done with that, and pending the edits for cursor formats, I think we will be pretty much ready for CR.

 - Florian

Received on Friday, 10 April 2015 15:32:39 UTC