Re: [css-device-adapt] Bad way to solve circular dependency

On Fri, Apr 10, 2015 at 1:50 PM, Andrea Rendine
<> wrote:
>> There is a proposal to drop min/max-prefixes and rely on media queries instead.
> As I'm unaware of that, I don't understand how this would solve the
> issue though. Sorry.

No, it doesn't solve anything, my two points were about why we have to
handle the circularity one way or another, so why not handle @viewport
inside @media the same way we handle @viewport inside style/link with
media attribute.

>> That was discussed, but the argument against was that we would still need to handle the media query case for the media attribute
> This regards how style is applied, I guess. Couldn't it be solved the same way?
> What is the difference *for the rendering engine* between
> /* CSS */ @media ...
> <link rel="stylesheet" media="..." />
> <style media="..."></style>
> ?

<link> and <style> are the same, I just happened to show <style> as an
example. My point is that we need to handle @viewport depending on
viewport-relative media queries either way. Dropping @viewport inside
stylesheets based on the owner element's media attribute would be

Rune Lillesveen

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