Re: [css-align] Definition of align-self inconsistent with css-flexbox for abspos

On Thu, Apr 9, 2015 at 6:49 PM, Daniel Holbert <> wrote:
> On 04/09/2015 03:32 PM, Christian Biesinger wrote:
>> So at least for children of flex boxes, align-self should never compute to auto.
> I don't think it matters if we're a child of a flex box -- "align-self"
> should compute in the same way, regardless of the parent type [aside
> from the "no parent" special-case].
> I don't think there's any reason for "align-self:auto" to have custom
> behavior depending on the parent's display property.

So I'm happy either way; I just don't want the specs to contradict each other :)


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