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[css-snappoints] Befine behaviour when content is larger than scroll container

From: Guido Bouman <m@guido.vc>
Date: Wed, 08 Apr 2015 12:24:03 +0000
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To: www-style@w3.org
Hi all,

Let me introduce myself first, as I think this is relevant for the issue I’m raising. I am the author of jQuery panelSnap (https://github.com/guidobouman/jquery-panelsnap). This CSS module would render my plugin obsolete, something I’m looking forward to, a lot.

There’s one issue that should be taken into account though: content that is larger than the scroll container.

With the current implementation this is not addressed. There should be a way to specify to only snap when there’s a snappoint in the visible area of the scroll container. I’m trying to describe something which feels in-between the current [mandatory] & [proximity] values for [scroll-snap-type]. It could be named [visible]. In this case [proximity] would be too loose, but [mandatory] too strict. You don’t want to change the behaviour of the current values, as they make a lot of sense in other situations. So adding a new one is my suggestion.

Kind regards,
Guido Bouman

+31 6 42945687
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