[css-logical-props] inside/outside properties/values

The draft which is currently called "CSS Logical Properties" describes
property names and values that are relative to the writing direction.
The term "logical" is used without a definition, nor without a
discussion. To me, it seems illogical to claim that these
properties/values are any more logical than other properties. Rather,
they should be referred to as being "writing-mode dependent",
"direction-dependent", or something similar.

A similar group of extensions are relative to the binding of a book:
inside or outside. Prince has implemented these, as in:

  margin-inside: ...
  margin-outside: ..
  float: inside | outside
  clear: inside | outside


I believe the draft should also describe these sort of
properties/values. A more generic title for a draft, which would cover
all of the above cases, would be "formatting-dependent properties and


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Received on Monday, 6 April 2015 22:48:53 UTC