Re: [css-egg] Introducing new draft

Florian Rivoal wrote:

> As previously discussed with a few of you at face to face
> meetings, I've started a new draft to specify a few units
> and values that were missing from css, and whose addition
> make the language nicer to use, read, and maintain.
> I think this should all be fairly easy to implement, and
> in fact Opera had already implemented some of this in
> Presto a few years back[1]. Arguably, this could push
> some pressure on browsers that use very few bits to store
> number types, but this is not really worse than what you
> can do using scientific notation (or mashing the keyboard
> for too long), so I don't think this is critical.

Very interesting proposal, thanks for putting this together.

I think the values for the 'voice-rate' property could be improved with the
addition below:

  voice-rate: [normal | x-slow | slow | medium | fast | x-fast |
newyorker-fast | <speech-rate>] || <percentage>


John Daggett
Mozilla Japan


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