Serif / italic is not a good solution for Kai

As we discussed in TPAC day 2 afternoon. 

There is a reason for not use italic of serif for Kai. Because one more frequently used font in print book in Chinese:

Imitation song: [zh] ฅ้งบล้(fang songti), [ja]งบดยส^(Sochotai) [1] is considered to be italic of serif. It is discussed by Japanese typography community.

It can be done by @font-face, but all operating systems do not have imitation song. If authors want to use, they should embed the font or by webfont.

So their should be another way to make it easier. 

font-family: "whatkindlesKai", "whatlinuxkai", "STKaiti-TC", "DFKai-SB";  not a good idea.

System font for Kai is not a problem, here's a list for reference [3]. DFKai-SB as a Chinese system font for Windows 95, not till Windows Vista, there's no sans-serif system font.

[1]: <>
[2]: <>
[3]:*54sLzm-OMOJ6OCt1GWkPEw.png <*54sLzm-OMOJ6OCt1GWkPEw.png>

/Bobby Tung

Received on Wednesday, 29 October 2014 00:15:08 UTC