Re: [mediaqueries] @media transform

On 23/10/14 08:38, Bogdan Brinza wrote:
> Here is the actual question, looking at current media queries specs
> it looks @supports is now the way to achieve this functionality.
> @media (feature) looks like an old relic that should be considered
> deprecated, while there is still a chance that more sites didn't take
> dependency on it. What's WG opinion on this?

Media features are not deprecated. In @media (min-width: 30em) {}, 
'width' is a media feature. Using media features in a boolean context 
such as @media (inverted-colors) {} is not deprecated either.

Media features query characteristics of the device being used and of the 
environment, whereas @supports queries support for CSS properties (and 
possibly in the future other CSS features like at-rules). They both have 
their use.

However, one unresolved issue is that some contexts like @import accept 
a media query. Wed like to be able to have any kind of conditional rule 
there but are not sure yet what that would look like.

Simon Sapin

Received on Thursday, 23 October 2014 00:52:39 UTC