RE: [css3-animation] why content property not animatable?

> The SMIL/SVG <set/> animation element can handle discrete animation
> with no problem Any property that can be set should be animatable by
> discrete animation, with no interpolation.

Precisely. Obviously, interpolation doesn't always make sense. For example,

@keyframes spinsquare {
         0% { content:"\25f3"; } /* ◳ */
        25% { content:"\25f2"; } /* ◲ */
        50% { content:"\25f1"; } /* ◱ */
        75% { content:"\25f0"; } /* ◰ */

It is immediately obvious what I'm trying to accomplish. Of course, when values are discrete and not continuous, from/to don't make sense, but simply changing from one explicitly given value to the next at the correct time in the transition is certainly possible. For comparison, the spec says font-weight is animatable, but that's not truly a continuous scale either; it's a set of one to nine discrete ordered values.

Tab said that it's not in the spec because nobody has done the implementation to see if it would work–but why would anyone try to implement it if the spec says it's unneeded? Chicken or egg...

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