Re: [css-grid] Sizing of grid item elements

On 17/10/14 00:43, Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 16, 2014 at 2:46 PM, Manuel Rego Casasnovas <> wrote:
>> On 22/08/14 17:08, Emil Björklund wrote:
>>>>> The second thing that struck me as counter-intuitive is that columns
>>>> sized
>>>>> with percentages on a grid container without an explicitly declared width
>>>>> won't get sizes according to a percentage of the grid container width,
>>>> but
>>>>> compute to "auto" width. In my example, I used the <body> element as the
>>>>> grid container, and wanted empty "spacer" columns on the side of the
>>>> actual
>>>>> contents, but they collapsed (to nothing, as they had no items/content).
>>>> I
>>>>> had to set "width: 100%" on the <body> element for them to get rendered,
>>>>> which felt superflous.
>>>> I suspect another bug.  Percentages generally are able to resolve
>>>> against a "fill" width on blocks; there's no good reason they
>>>> shouldn't work as you expect here.  (In some cases they can't resolve,
>>>> when the size of the element depends on the size of the content, but
>>>> that's not the case for widths in "block" contexts by default.)
>>> Good to know, I'll make sure to file that one.
>> I was taking a look to this bug [1] and I think that current behavior
>> matches the spec [2]:
>> "If the inline or block size of the grid container is indefinite,
>> <percentage> values relative to that size are treated as 'auto'"
>> In that case we're talking about a "grid container without an explicitly
>> declared width" which seems indefinite.
>> So, current behavior would be right, and you would need to set the width
>> of the grid container to get the expected behavior.
>> Am I missing something?
> "auto" is not always indefinite; in particular, in block contexts,
> width:auto is definite as long as its containing block is definite,
> since it's filling its containing block.  You can use "width: 50%;" on
> a display:block element whose parent is "width:auto", and grids are
> defined to auto-size the same as a block container.
> So a width:auto grid container has a definite width in all the same
> situations that a width:auto block container does, and columns with
> percentage sizes should be resolveable in the same cases that a block
> child with a percentage width is resolveable.

So in one of the previous drafts[1] there was this definition of

"The max of zero and the AvailableSpace less the sum of all Grid track
UsedBreadth values. This is undefined if AvailableSpace is undefined
(i.e. the Grid element is shrink-to-fit or the height is auto.)"

So if I understood you correctly, does it mean that we should consider
what is inside the parenthesis as incorrect from now on?

>From the current specs[2], free space is defined as "If available space
is indefinite, the free space is indefinite as well". Then according to
[3] "An indefinite available size is essentially infinite". What I
understand is that in those cases we could just grow all the tracks to
their maximums and that's it.



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