Re: [css-text] vertical-align and shaping (again)

On 10/13/2014 10:12 PM, John Daggett wrote:
>>From the minutes of the CSS F2F in Sophia [1]
>> - RESOLVED: Text shaping MUST be broken across inline element
>>              boundaries when:
>>    A. one of margin/border/padding are non-zero
>>    B. vertical-align is not 'baseline'
>>    C. it is a bidi isolation boundary
>>     Text shaping MUST NOT be broken across inline element
>>     boundaries when there is no change in formatting.
>>     Text shaping SHOULD NOT be broken across inline
>>     element boundaries otherwise, if it is reasonable and
>>     possible for that case given the limitations of the
>>     font technology.
> I should note again that I think (B) is misguided and it should not
> be viewed as consensus opinion. I doubt any implementor will actually
> implement this so we should remove it.
> There was a small thread pointing this out [2], including Simon's comment [3]:
>    There are all sorts of cases where you don't want Arabic
>    letters to join, e.g. acronyms like IBM, and I don't think
>    it's a good idea to multiply cases where it gets triggered
>    by other properties.

Right now we have implementations that break joining in this case
(because they break joining across any inline boundary) and
implementations that don't break shaping even when the baseline is
vastly different between the two letters to be joined.

Which behavior are we going to require? Since they're both clearly
implementable, this isn't a case that should be non-interoperable.

I'm not opposed to making it required to join, but while I know of
use cases where the joining should break, nobody's presented one
where the joining should not break.


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