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> Hey...
> Wanted to inquire about calc being mentioned as an at-risk feature here:
> It has wide support in all modern browsers and is often invaluable for layouts that mix fixed and fluid percentages (where border-box sizing doesn't help).... wrote an article here for the same:
> I pinged Lea Verou on her blog and her reply is below: 
> "I doubt calc() is really at-risk, it's probably just forgotten there. at-risk means we don't have 2 independent implementations, but for calc() we do: In fact, every modern browser supports it. If you're worried, send a message to www-style and ask why it's at-risk. Probably someone will reply that it's a mistake.

At risk just means that it can get removed if there is no wide support before going to PR and recommendation. If there are two independent, interoperable implementations the feature stays in the spec.


> Would be glad to know more.. 
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