Re: Order of graphical operations and transforms

Ah, that makes sense. Thanks Dirk!


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> On Oct 16, 2014, at 12:20 PM, Emil Björklund <>
> wrote:
> > In reading the Compositing and Blending spec, it mentions the order of
> graphical operations for filters, clipping, masking and opacity.
> >
> > In my head, transforms take place in the same space as these steps, i.e.
> when the style calculation is done and the element is moved into some sort
> of temp bitmap and then composited onto the page.
> >
> > I cant seem to find any spec documentation as to where transforms fit
> into this chain. Is there any?
> All the operations you listed above happen in the local coordinate space
> of the element the effects get applied to. CSS Transforms modifies this
> coordinate space of the element (not the element itself). A pixel still is
> a pixel in the local coordinate space of the element. It is the outside
> perception that changes. Therefore, a CSS Transform is outside of the
> order. Implementations probably will still track transformations to avoid
> pixelation on filter, masking or blending operations.
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