Re: [css-color] Exposing "brand"/"accent" color

On Wed, Oct 15, 2014 at 5:52 PM, fantasai <> wrote:
>   * For example, if the color is expected to be usable as a
>     background color, then we need some way of ensuring adequate
>     contrast with the foreground color. Or vice versa.
>     Microsoft restricts the colors you can pick for the accent
>     color so that its expected uses in the platform are all
>     supported. We don't have the option of restricting the
>     accent color palette, so we need some other way of handling
>     this problem, such as naming the color more explicitly and
>     creating guidelines for what kind of color it can be and
>     how it should be used, or prescribing some kind of luminosity
>     correction, etc.

Note that I'd be okay with offering it *today* as some API, so you can
use JS to get your contrast right.  It's the presence of it as a CSS
value, without measures to ensure contrast, that is bad.

>   * As another issue, some platforms might have more than one
>     "accent color". Even if such platforms aren't popular right
>     now, how can we set up the solution to this problem so it's
>     compatible with such platforms and any extensions we need to
>     make in the future?
> In CSS we need to solve the problem in both a cross-platform and
> future-proof manner, so while your request is *totally understandable*,
> it's not enough info to really solve the problem...



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