Re: Fwd: Re: [css-text][css-flexbox] Let's just alias "nowrap" with "no-wrap"

On Mon, 13 Oct 2014 16:19:51 +0200, Brian Kardell <>  
>> > We can just keep them as separate values that happen to mean the same  
>> thing.
>> >
>> > ~TJ
>> That's not bad I guess, but it means if you're scripting something  
>> you'd have to check both values.  On that end it seems inconvenient.   
>> Anything to be done to improve >that?

Anything is possible, but this isn't something I expect a lot of scripts  
to inspect, so I'd say we shouldn't bother with extra complexity.

If we did want to introduce some magic, making "no-wrap" map to "nowrap"  
would work, but it would also make the old-and-disliked value the  
canonical one. Going the other way around would probably be nicer, but  
also be more likely to break scripts in legacy pages. Not very likely,  
since I don't expect many such scripts, but still more likely. Whether the  
conversion is done at parse time, computed value time, or something else  
doesn't change the problem fundamentally.

Maybe I am missing a simple solution that would elegantly solve value  
aliasing including script interaction, but coming up with more magic ways  
of making it work transparently looks more complicated than it's worth.

- Florian

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