Re: [css-text][css-flexbox] Let's just alias "nowrap" with "no-wrap"

10.10.2014, 06:08, "Tab Atkins Jr." <>:

> This is one of the few keywords in the language that doesn't use a -
> between words (the only others I know of being values we inherited
> from SVG, like currentcolor).
> Anyone have objections to us just aliasing the value as "no-wrap"?
> That way, in a few years, people can just do the logical thing and use
> the value they expect, rather than having to deal with this wart
> forever.

Nice to see that a W3C spec editor has understanding that some things make sense to be added to be used not necessarily right now or very soon, but after _some time_ (as browsers are updated and older versions don't matter anymore).

I like the idea about `no-wrap`.

It would also be nice to alias the mentioned CSS-inconsistent `currentColor` as `current-color`.

Received on Friday, 10 October 2014 18:05:03 UTC