Re: [css-color] Doubts on how we handle device-cmyk() and similar things

On Wed, 08 Oct 2014 00:06:13 +0200, Tab Atkins Jr. <>  

> We don't normally do that sort of forward design, and I don't think
> it's necessary to protect ourselves against code trying to set a
> non-existent .profile attribute today.

If there was new and independent functionality hanging off .profile, I'd  
be perfectly fine with that. But what happens there changes the meaning of  
the fields we're already exposing (.r .g .b), and that makes me a bit more  
nervous. Maybe I shouldn't be.

Another thing is that I wonder if introducing the concept of color profile  
right now wouldn't inform the class hierarchy differently. Some of the  
information would be redundant between the profile and the class (what  
type of color space you're in: rgb vs xyz vs cmyk), and maybe that  
suggests we should consider how to get rid of differentiated classes.

  - Florian

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