Re: [css-align] Editorial: the 'stretch' definition moved, but the section titles weren't updated accordingly

On Fri, Oct 3, 2014 at 12:05 PM, Javier Fernandez <> wrote:
> Hi
> ,
> On 09/06/2014 01:17 AM, Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:
>>> In more details, my comments are:
>>> - Section 3.1's title still mentions ‘strecth’ (yet the section doesn't
>>> define it)
>>> - Section 3.3's title doesn’t mention ‘stretch’ (yet the section does define
>>> it)
>>> I believe the section titles should be updated to match their content (or
>>> vice-versa).
>> Fixed by updating the headings.
> Even that heading and section content is now coherent, I think we have
> missed some info with this movement; perhaps the old one is not valid
> anymore.
> The previous definition of the "stretch" value, as <item-position>, was
> the following one:
> "If the ‘width’ or ‘height’ (as appropriate) of the alignment subject is
> ‘auto’, its used value is the length necessary to make the alignment
> subject’s outer size as close to the size of the alignment container as
> possible, while still respecting the constraints imposed by
> ‘min/max-width/height’. Otherwise, this is equivalent to ‘start’."
> The new definition, now as <content-distribution>, has the following
> description:
> "If the combined size of the items is less than the size of the
> alignment container, any auto-sized items have their size increased
> equally so that the combined size exactly fills the alignment container,
> and then clamped by their max-width/max-height constraints."
> The justify-{items, self} and align-{items, self} properties allow
> "stretch" as of of the possible valid values, but I'm not sure whether
> the new definition applies to the justify-self property, for instance.
> What items are being considered for this property to be stretched ?

You're right, the spec was confusing and weird.  I think it may have
gotten caught mid-edits at some point and we lost track of what was

I've re-added "stretch" as a value for <item-position>, keeping it as
a value for <content-distribution> as well, and made sure that
everything links to the correct definition.


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