RE: [cssom] Remove setPropertyValue and setPropertyPriority?

On 02/10/2014 10:03, Simon Pieters wrote:>
> Since setPropertyValue and setPropertyPriority were added as a compromise  
> solution when the behavior of setProperty was discussed last year[1], and  
> setProperty has now changed to match Firefox[2], should we remove  
> setPropertyValue and setPropertyPriority? I think they haven't been  
> implemented anywhere.

The current resolution for setProperty is fine, but it does not make "s.setPropertyValue(p,v)" less useful as a shorthand for "s.setProperty(p,v,s.getPropertyPriority(p))". 
Adding the proposed functions makes the interface more symmetric, easier to use and probably slightly faster in the relevant use cases.

Peter J. Sloetjes
Firefox add-on developer


Received on Thursday, 2 October 2014 22:21:54 UTC