Re: [css-font-loading] what happens when you modify a CSS-connected FontFace?

On 02/10/14 01:47, Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:
> Why would anything in particular happen there?  The only effect that
> style can have on loading is helping determine when the UA will
> auto-load it. You don't make a different choice of src based on style,
> or any of the other attributes.

You are right!

> I was just about to click send on a completely different reply to this
> email, because I didn't read it thoroughly and assumed that you were
> going to change the @font-face 'src' descriptor, which will indeed
> need to be handled specially, as you can't change the source data on a
> FontFace object.  I'll need to specify that in that case the FontFace
> gets removed and a new one gets added.

Good, I agree.

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