Re: [css-line-grid][css-books] (base)line grids

Also sprach Alan Stearns:

 > I think that once we establish a good use case for reaching out to an
 > ancestor’s grid, then we can introduce root/page and/or named grids. Until
 > then, I’d rather keep things simple. I expect the vast majority of
 > documents will establish only one grid. If actual usage shows something
 > different, we can solve the use case when it comes up.

I agree that most documents will only need one baseline grid. 

 > > > How do you establish the line-grid here?  Is it established by the
 > > > first page?  Or by the root element?
 > >
 > >It's established on a per-page basis. So as long as the pages have the
 > >same size and orientation, they will have the same baselines. The font
 > >information is borrowed from the root element, but the baseline grid
 > >starts at the edges of the page box, not the page area.
 > Could we define line-grid to establish a grid at the page box when used in
 > an @page rule?
 > @page { line-grid: create }

Yes, this is possible. Then we could also do:

  @page :right { baseline-grid: new }
  @page :left  { baseline-grid: new }


  @page :right { line-grid: create }
  @page :left  { line-grid: create }

or, even shorter:

  @page :right { line-grid: new }
  @page :left  { line-grid: new }

(I think "create" is a good keyword value. I don't like
"match-parent", it's too much like "inherit")


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