RE: box-sizing and text in value attribute of input element

> That's a harder question.  We need to figure out what behavior is sane, and
> what we can converge on, if any.  I don't have the ability to easily test IE for
> this case right now, but getting that data would help; it'll either tell us that
> there's no compat whatsoever and we can probably do what we want, or it'll
> lean towards one behavior being something we should prefer.

Here is a comparison of FF/Chrome/IE:

What data are you wanting specifically from us to make this decision on? We want interop and since the overall size of all these inputs ends up being different I see that as a problem we need to get agreement on. Especially since Gecko has bugs raised on them.  I also sent an email regarding this in the past as I would love to get form controls to be interopable as we have numerous bugs around them. And platform designs aside, the exterior size should be consistent, so I am all for aligning on issues like this.

Let me know a little better on what data you're wanting and I'll get it.

> This belongs in no existing spec, as form elements are technically replaced
> content and outside the domain of CSS.  It will belong in the Form Elements
> spec that I'm vaguely committed to writing (with smaug from Mozilla, I think),
> which has the goal of documenting the semi-replacedness of some form
> inputs, and explaining and specifying which parts of an input can actually be
> styled cross-platform.
> ~TJ

Received on Tuesday, 18 November 2014 20:21:18 UTC