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[CSS Text] I18N-ISSUE-330: Tasmeem example not clear: CLOSED satified

From: Phillips, Addison <addison@lab126.com>
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2014 18:29:47 +0000
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This comment said:
Section 7.3: The tasmeem example of "cursively justified" Arabic text may not be clear to outside observers unfamiliar with kashida. In addition, no mention is made of kashida or the kashida/tatweel character. The term "kashida" should be introduced here with more explanation, in addition to using a more visual emphatic example of kashida expansion.

The text below the picture has been modified to say:
An example of cursively-justified Arabic text, rendered by Tasmeem. Like English, Arabic can be justified by adjusting the spacing between words, but in most styles it can also be justified by calligraphically elongating or compressing the letterforms themselves. In this example, the upper text is extended to fill the line by the use of elongated (kashida) forms and swash forms, while the bottom line is compressed slightly by using a stacked combination for the characters between ت and م. By employing traditional calligraphic techniques, Tasmeem can justify the line while preserving flow and color, providing a very high quality justification effect. However, this is by its nature a very script-specific effect.

This text addresses the concern raised in the comment. I am therefore marking this issue as CLOSED and the I18N WG is satisfied with this resolution.

As a personal observation, I would suggest a modification to this text: the second occurrence of "Tasmeem" could be replaced with a more generic reference such as "software can..." or "an implementation can...", since Tasmeem is not the only way in which traditional typographic effects can be realized.


Addison Phillips
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