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> On Jul 1, 2014, at 12:14 AM, Rafał Pietrak <> wrote:
> W dniu 01.07.2014 08:39, Brad Kemper pisze:
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>>> Your website's users will similarly be unhappy when they try and copy/paste the word into their word processor or mail client, and so forth.
>> The browser already changes copied content as a result of text-transform. I don't see why it wouldn't leave out from copying characters that are known to be mistakes.
> I can make a "sworn statement" here:
> 1. my bank (one of *.pl) did placed a hidden character within account numbers of passed (e.g my earlier) bank transferes.
> 2. my browser (Epiphany) did copy those hidden characters when C-C.

I wouldn't like that either. I don't they hidden unintentional control characters should be included in copied text. 

> 3. but that copied account number was for that same bank invalid, when pasted into a new bank transfer panel.
> As a user, I was seriously p-off.
> I'd rather see them all.... *at least* as replaced by ordinary space (which is normally the case of [:newline:] charachter).

That would be better than drawing a box or a question mark or something. But I'd rather it just got stripped out of the content, and thus not present in what you copy. 

If an author wants to be educated as to where the characters are, there are probably other tools to display them more obvious before they are published to the Web. Boris's implication is that there are many such applications. 

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