Re: [css-shapes] Animating <basic-shape>s updated

On 1/28/14, 2:33 PM, "fantasai" <> wrote:

>On 01/28/2014 02:21 PM, Alan Stearns wrote:
>> ----
>> To serialize the <basic-shape> functions,
>> serialize as per their individual grammars,
>> in the order the grammars are written in,
>> avoiding calc() expressions where possible,
>> omitting components when possible without changing the meaning,
>> joining space-separated tokens with a single space,
>> and following each serialized comma with a single space.
>> For the <position> values in ellipse() and circle(),
>> the 2- and 4-value forms are preferred over the 1- and 3-value forms.
>> ----
>I think we need to be clearer here that the 1- and 3-value
>forms aren't ever generated, and the 2-value form is
>preferred over 4-value where possible without calc().
>Otherwise looks good.

How about:

The <position> values in ellipse() and circle()
serialize to their 2- and 4-value forms only,
preferring the 2-value form
when it can be expressed without calc()



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