[css-flexbox] Should <br> get lumped into a "contiguous run of text" to form an anonymous flex item?

Hi www-style,

I just noticed that the current flexbox ED says the following about
anonymous flex items:
 # ...each contiguous run of text that is
 # directly contained inside a flex container
 # is wrapped in an anonymous flex item.

Notably, "contiguous run of text" is rather specific and does not seem
to include <br> elements.

However, every browser I've tested [1] *does* seems to lump <br>
elements into anonymous flex items.

Here's a testcase:
(If the text "Here comes a <br> element: There it went!" is all grouped
together [with a linebreak], then <br> is getting lumped into the
anonymous flex item.)

SO: Should we change the spec to match implementations? (Maybe the
current de facto behavior is really what the spec *wanted* to say, even
though it doesn't?)  Or is the current spec text really what we want, in
which case this is a bug that needs fixing in all modern browsers?


[1] I've tested IE11, Firefox 26, Opera 12.16, & Chrome 34.0.1788.0 dev

Received on Wednesday, 22 January 2014 22:08:27 UTC