[css-break] page break aliases vs getComputedStyle

I'm not at all familiar with scripting things, so forgive me if the answer
should actually be obvious to most people, or if I cite an out-of-date spec.

Section 3.4 ‘Page Break Aliases: ...’ says that UAs should "[treat]
page-break-* as shorthands", while 
says that getPropertyCSSValue should return null for shorthands.

Do I correctly infer that UAs that conform to css-break must return null
for getComputedStyle(...).getPropertyCSSValue("pageBreakBefore")
(even when there is an explicit page-break-before declaration), while
other (CSS21-like) UAs must return non-null ?

If so, I suggest drawing attention to this (given that this paragraph says that
the intent is to preserve compatibility with CSS Level 2).  

Otherwise, I suggest stating what the rules for what it should return in this
case (e.g. with a declaration like "break-before: page" or "break-before:
column" or "page-break-before: always").

(Again, sorry if the above comment arises only because of my unfamiliarity with
this area.)


Received on Wednesday, 15 January 2014 15:04:42 UTC