[css-ruby] Should CSS Ruby be consistent with HTML5 Ruby?

Dear CSS People who are interested in Ruby,

Currently, the HTML specification for Ruby is on the way of revision
in new github branch by Robin
(https://github.com/w3c/html/tree/new-ruby), and it will be
incorporated into the new Ruby Extension Spec
(http://darobin.github.io/html-ruby/) and eventually into HTML5.

The new HTML5 Ruby specification attempts to provide the solution for
ruby use cases (http://www.w3.org/TR/ruby-use-cases/). It introduces a
new algorithm which categorizes nodes inside <ruby> element to Bases
and Texts, and pair among them.

As base and text pairings can be algorithmically calculated, base
container (<rbc> in XHTML), whose primary purpose is to guide the
pairing of base and text, is no longer needed.

The question is, should CSS Ruby follow the new HTML5 ruby model? If
so, may "display" property "ruby-base-container" attribute value be
removed?, and that HTML5 algorithm be mentioned in some places in the

I think, as far as CSS3 Ruby supports HTML5 pairing algorithm, it can
also supports XHTML Ruby by just merely ignoring <rbc> tag. (except
the case of using "rbspan", but "rbspan" is already removed in current
CSS Ruby spec in favor of HTML Ruby.)


KAWABATA, Taichi E-mail: kawabata.taichi@gmail.com

Received on Tuesday, 7 January 2014 07:17:16 UTC