Re: [css-shapes] LC feedback - minor clarifications

On 12/5/13, 4:01 PM, "Sylvain Galineau" <> wrote:

>This post shares a few editorial items that came out of an internal
>thread with Alan. In order of sections:
>3.1 Supported Shapes [1]
>Very minor: for completeness I suggest being explicit about the
>resolution of percentage values for ellipse() with text such as:
> # A percentage value here is resolved against the used width (for the rx
> # value) and the used height (for the ry value) of the reference box.


>6.2 The 'shape-image-threshold' Property [4]
>I think this section (or possibly section 4) should include a statement
>such as a the following:
> # The absence of any pixels with an alpha value larger than the specified
> # threshold results in an empty float area.

And done.



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