[css-grid] Two <line-names> for the same line with repeat()


 From the current ED:

> <track-list> = [ <line-names>? [ <track-size> | <repeat()> ] ]+
>                <line-names>?

> repeat() = repeat( <positive-integer> ,
>[ <line-names>? <track-size> ]+
>                    <line-names>? )
> The first argument specifies the number of repetitions. The second
> argument is a track list, which is repeated that number of times. The
> repeat() notation cannot be nested; doing so makes the declaration
> invalid.

After expanding repeat() into a repeated track list, this can result in 
adjacent <line-names>, which is normally not allowed.

For example, this:

     (a) repeat(2, (b) 40px (c)) (d)

Expands to:

     (a) (b) 40px (c) (b) 40px (c) (d)

Should adjacent <line-names> lists be "merged"? The end result would be:

     (a b) 40px (c b) 40px (c d)

Simon Sapin

Received on Friday, 28 February 2014 23:19:43 UTC