Re: [css-snappoints] 2/27 Updated ED

On Fri, Feb 28, 2014 at 3:24 PM, Matt Rakow <> wrote:

> I've just pushed an update to the ED for Scroll Snap Points.  This is
> primarily just inserting issue notes for the various feedback I've received
> from the Seattle f2f, Robert's mail, and some inspection of the proposal on
> the Mozilla wiki.  I'll continue to address this feedback and start up
> discussions as needed prior to FPWD, but please do confirm that I've
> captured your feedback and let me know if I've missed anything.

I have the following additional issues:
Section 5:
Are snap-interval and snap-list actually needed assuming we can snap to
element boundaries?
Why aren't we using commas to separate function parameters?
Section 6:
Are these properties actually needed?
Section 7:
Are these properties needed?
What are these values relative to?
How do we handle the case where elements have different widths and some
gestures want to snap to the left edge and others to the right edge (or
top/bottom edge respectively)?
Having the initial value be "0px" makes the whole "elements" feature
unusable since there will be unwanted snappoints all over the place.

Personally I think there are so many issues compared to the size of the
spec that trying to list them all and resolve them one by one is an
inefficient way to make progress and will probably not lead to a good
result. I'll write another post about that to avoid disrupting your issue
list :-).

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