Re: [selectors-nonelement] ::attr(*|localname), ::attr(ns|*), and ::attr(*)

On Mon, 24 Feb 2014 17:01:31 +0100, Jirka Kosek <> wrote:

> On 24.2.2014 15:38, Simon Pieters wrote:
>>> ::attr(*) should select all attributes to be consistent with universal
>>> selector, equivalent to ::attr(*|*)
>> This is not exactly consistent with the universal selector, since it  
>> uses
>> the default namespace:
>> @namespace "foo";
>> @namespace a "foo";
>> * {}
>> a|* {}
>> Those two are equivalent but different to *|*.
> As I wrote before, default namespace is not applied to attributes, so
> for ::attr() it doesn't make sense to take default namespace into  
> account.

Yeah, I don't disagree, but it doesn't make it consistent with the  
universal selector.

> Consider document:
> <foo xmlns="">
>   <bar x="1" y="2"/>
> </foo>
> and default namespace declared for selectors:
> @namespace "";
> then with what you seem to propose
> bar ::attr(*)
> would return no attributes. That seems counter intuitive and different
> to what developers would expect.
> As * was not in past used for attributes (it's not even allow inside
> attr() function) I don't see why behaviour couldn't be as I propose.

I think the proposed behavior is reasonable, I was just calling out that  
it is not consistent with the universal selector as claimed.

>>> This is also consistent with XPath, and should create less surprises to
>>> developers.
>> Consistency with XPath seems like a weird motivation if the move to
>> Selectors in ITS was because people are more familiar with Selectors.
> Consistency with XPath is just additional benefit here, not reason to
> model feature this way.


>> When would you want to select all attributes, by the way?
> When there is a need to operate on all attributes.

Can you give a concrete case?

>> How do you declare a namespace prefix for the selector in ITS when using
>> Selectors?
> By using in-scope declared namespaces -- same way as in XPath. Although
> this is not explicitly stated in ITS 2.0.

That it's not stated seems like a bug.

Simon Pieters
Opera Software

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