Re: [css3-lists] padding-left on <ol> and <ul> elements

On Sat, Feb 22, 2014 at 2:31 AM, Jonathan Kew <> wrote:
> In, we have
>   /* Box Model Rules */
>   ol, ul {
>         display: block;
>         margin: 1em 0;
>         padding-left: 40px;
>   }
> which results in a fixed padding-left, whereas other dimensions (e.g. the
> margin here, as well as that on li::marker later) are expressed using 'em',
> so that they scale with font size.

I was just copying implementations when I wrote that.  (Or maybe I
copied it from the 2.1 stylesheet?)

> This can of course be modified by an author (as above), but ISTM that a
> change to the default UA stylesheet would result in better default behavior
> for naive content. Is there any possibility we could make such a change, or
> is it likely it would break too many things?

It would change the rendering of a *lot* of lists on the web, and
probably in a way that causes mild rendering glitches.


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