Re: [counter-styles] i18n-ISSUE-282: Problems with Ethiopic-numeric algorithm

The i18n WG believes that this issue has now been satifactorily 
addressed and has closed the issue on our tracker system.

Thank you.


On 14/02/2014 18:38, Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 31, 2013 at 3:30 AM, Richard Ishida <> wrote:
>> One thing that's still problematic with the algorithm is that it doesn't
>> produce a value for 1, because of "if the group is the most significant one
>> and has the value 1" in step 3. I think we need to say "The following
>> algorithm converts decimal digits higher than 1 to ethiopic numbers" or
>> something like it (since testing for the value 1 at the start seems to be
>> the most efficient approach).
>> Nit: in step 5 "exceptgroups with a value of zero" (note the typo) might be
>> better as "except groups which originally had a value of zero", since the
>> values have actually been removed by this point (in step 3).
> Accepted both these corrections.
> ~TJ

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