Re: [css3-flexbox] does flex-basis affect flex container intrinsic sizes?

On 02/13/2014 01:10 PM, Peter Salas wrote:
> The relevant part of the editor's draft seems to be section 9.8:
> "The main-size min-content/max-size contribution of a flex item is its outer hypothetical main size when sized under a min-content/max-size constraint (respectively)."
> The first rule for calculating the hypothetical main size is to use the flex basis, but is 9.8 saying that the flex basis should be ignored for calculating the min-content/max-size contributions?

This looks to me like just an oversight/bug in Chrome & Firefox.

I think it makes more sense to use the (flex-basis-based) hypothetical
main size, as you suggest & as the spec seems to require. That way, we
won't end up with weird cases where an auto-sized flex container has way
too much (or too little) space.

(I've filed to fix
this in Gecko, as long as there's agreement here on what the correct
behavior should be.)


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