Re: [css3-background] Corner clipping for images and gradients

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>> A picture or link that I didn't gave to view source on would be better, since I am reading this on my iPhone.
> Sure, here it is.
> Sebastian
> <borderImage.png>

Thanks. For the fourth example, where the border can be seen through under the border image, I recall an earlier version of the spec had this, or maybe we just discussed whether or not it should, and the WG decided it would be better to have the border replaced by the border image. This, the spec has this:

> If the value is ¡®none¡¯ or if the image cannot be displayed (or the property doesn't apply), the border styles will be used; otherwise the element's borders are invisible and the border image is drawn as described in the sections below.

For the last example, I still question if this use case is important or likely enough to warrant a whole new property, rather than just a new zero+behavior value for 'border-image-outset'. If an author wants that look, I would think he would just create the graphic that way. Unlike the corner clipping of gradients, that seems like an unlikely edge case. 

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