[css-transforms] inline box, atomic inline-level box and transformable elements

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7 The transform Property
Applies to: transformable elements


transformable element
     A transformable element is an element in one of these categories:

         an element whose layout is governed by the CSS box model which 
is either a block-level or atomic inline-level element, or whose display 
property computes to table-row, table-row-group, table-header-group, 
table-footer-group, table-cell, or table-caption [CSS21]


Inline-level boxes that are not inline boxes (such as replaced 
inline-level elements, inline-block elements, and inline-table elements) 
are called atomic inline-level boxes because they participate in their 
inline formatting context as a single opaque box.
CSS2.1, section 9.2.2 Inline-level elements and inline boxes


Q1 In the following test:


div#testDiv is not a transformable element because its layout is not 
governed by the CSS box model (since width and height do not apply to 
non-replaced inline element): is this a correct understanding of the 
I think that test is wrong...

Q2 In this snippet:

<div><span id="test">Text sample</span></div>

the span#test is *not* an atomic inline-level box:
a) is this a correct understanding of the definition?
b) Why shouldn't we consider (or treat) such span#test, here in this 
example, as a single opaque box?


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