Re: [shadow-styling] First Draft of Shadow DOM Styling uploaded

On 2/8/14 12:09 PM, Fran├žois REMY wrote:
> You could do .myThingie:inherited(var-theme: light)) ... { ...} where
> :inherited(...) only consider the inherited value of a property, and not
> its final value.

Unfortunately, requiring computation of the value on the parent before 
even doing selector matching on the child is something I'm strongly 
opposed to, as an implementor.  It imposes serialization constraints on 
style computation that I don't consider acceptable; we should be making 
style computation _more_ parallel, if possible, not less parallel...

> Not sure there exists a good way to solve this, though.

Short of giving the component its own global and document, I don't think 
there is one.


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