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On 2/7/14 5:10 PM, Sylvain Galineau wrote:
> Not to belabor the point but I think the pushback reflects some membersí belief this should *not* be added later i.e. both Type 1 and Type 2 encapsulation should be supported.

OK.  Could we please step back for a second and define exactly what Type 
2 would cover, in terms of CSS?  My understanding of Type 2 is that it 
doesn't try to protect against various convoluted things like redefining 
standard prototype objects or whatnot but tries to protect against 
exposing API to touch the shadow DOM directly, right?

If that understanding is correctly, where do we draw the boundary 
between these two?  .shadowRoot seems like Type 2 would rule it out. 
Overriding Node.appendChild with a function that leaks the thisobj and 
argument to the the page seems like something Type 2 is not aiming to 
protect against.  Agreed so far?

It seems to me that querySelector("foo ^ bar") lies somewhere between 
those two extremes.  Would Type 2 rule it out or not?

Actually clearly defining what Type 2 _means_ is a nontrivial exercise. 
  Much more so than Type 1 or Type 4... :(


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