[css-grid] Editorial: Painting order: 'order' vs. 'z-index'


The current Grid ED says:

> When grid items overlap, the z-index property provides control over
> the drawing order of grid items. Grid items paint exactly the same as
> flex items [CSS3-FLEXBOX]: they use order-modified document order,
> and z-index values other than auto create a stacking context even if
> position is static.

"z-index property provides control" and "they use order-modified 
document order" seem contradictory, as the latter suggests it defines 
the entire painting order.

I suggest using wording from the Flexbox spec:

> [] paint exactly the same as inline blocks [CSS21], except that
> order-modified document order is used in place of raw document order

Simon Sapin

Received on Friday, 7 February 2014 15:46:01 UTC