Re: [CSSWG][css-writing-modes] Last Call for Comments on CSS3 Writing Modes

On 12/26/2013 05:58 AM, Aharon (Vladimir) Lanin wrote:
> Hixie filed on
> Writing Modes in the beginning of December, and I added some comments
> there. It does not seem to have been addressed yet.

Thanks for punting that to the ML.

Wrt the paragraph beginning "In general...", it has been revised:

   # In CSS, the paragraph embedding level must be set (following rule HL1)
   # according to the direction property of the paragraph’s containing
   # block rather than by the heuristic given in steps P2 and P3 of the
   # Unicode algorithm. There is, however, one exception: when the
   # computed unicode-bidi of the paragraph’s containing block is
   # 'plaintext', the Unicode heuristics in P2 and P3 are used as
   # described in [UAX9], without the HL1 override.

Wrt referring to the HL* rules, the bidi spec does not appear to require
such references, only that modifications to the algorithm conform to
those rules. However I have added the references as you request to help
clarify the intent.

Wrt using "must" everywhere, whether one agrees or disagrees with the style,
it is not a habit of the CSS specs to do so, and statements without the
modifier are nonetheless normative per

> > is "the bidi control codes assigned to the end" defined anywhere?
> Yes, the control codes are defined under the various unicode-bidi
> values [..] But I agree that some sort of reference is needed.

Since this sentence is only a few paragraphs below the section that
defines them, I haven't added a link. But all of them are now talking
about rule HL3, so this will help create that correspondance.

> I now realize, however, that the spec does not make it 100% clear for
> isolate-override whether it "combines" the isolate on the outside of
> the override or vice-versa.

This is now specified explicitly.

Comment #2 is handled separately, see thread at

Updated ED:

Please let me know if this sufficiently addresses the comment.


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