Re: [css-font-load-events] FPWD?

As part of publishing the FPWD, we should change the name to "CSS Font Loading" since events are no longer really the focus of the spec.



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Subject: [css-font-load-events] FPWD?

It has come to my attention that the Font Load Events spec has never
reached FPWD.  I intended to do this immediately after our Fall f2f
last year, as soon as I made John's requested edits, but it slipped my
mind and then I forgot all about it.

So, can we go ahead and resolve on a FPWD like, right now?  We want to
implement ASAP, but want to match it up with a CR, or at least LC,
like usual.

I'd really like it if we can do a quick CfC before the next f2f, so I
can set up a publication for, like, Tuesday.  I don't think this'll be
controversial, since everyone seemed pretty okay with the spec last
time it was presented, and John is pretty happy with the current state
of the spec too.  (We've been conversing privately and making a few
other tweaks as necessary.)

I'd then like to give a few weeks to a month for review, filling in
whatever final holes are discovered in the spec, and then request an
LC in March.  John is pinging relevant people at Moz to get reviews
done ASAP as well, which I greatly appreciate.

What do y'all say?  FPWD CfC OMGWTFBBQ?


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